Four Benefits of Ductless Fume Hoods

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Why Proper Filter Loading is Critical to Ductless Fume Hood Safety

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Why Choose Dealye?

What Makes Us Different?

We are the China's leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Clean Air Solutions.

At the forefront of the industry, our experienced design and development teams focused on plumbing free fume hoods, chemical storage cabinets, and laboratory wastewater treatment., supplying premium products to leading private and Government organisations.

We carry out servicing, repair and calibration of Air Handling Equipment all over the CN and we are now regarded as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Fume Cabinets and Clean Air solutions, not only in the china, but around the world.

Creating clean environments

We specialise in Recirculating Filtration Fume Cupboards, ventilated chemical storage cabinet, waste gas treatment and ISO Class Cleanrooms.

Enhanced security. Complete safety

Thinking about your safety, we manufacture our equipment with rigorous filtration systems, alarm systems, warnings, etc. And we verify and approve them by an external laboratory of recognized prestige.

Tailored to your application

We have a team of highly skilled designers which allow us to offer customised products to your exact specifications, as well as standard solutions.

Top quality. Top performance.

In our quest to create products of the highest quality that fully meet the security needs of our customers, we comply with the requirements and recommendations of international standards.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Join more than 3000 satisfied customers and make your laboratory Safety and environmental protection today!

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